Super Matrix Solver the high-speed and robust matrix solver
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High-speed and robust solver based on AMG method
Super Matrix Solver SMS-AMG
  Super Matrix Solver received "Software Product of the Year 2003" Award
Special features of SMS-AMG
- Faster and more robust compared to conventional AMG method.
- Calculates the problems that are difficult to be solved by conventional iterative method.
- High-speed calculation of large-size problems.
- No need for special mathematical knowledge-easy to integrate modules provided in executable format such as DLL.
What is AMG Method?

- AMG (Algebraic Multi Grid) Method is an iterative solution method of simultaneous equations based on the latest
mathematical theories established during 1980s and 1990s. It is capable of solving problems considerably fast, but is not widely used due to the following limitations:
-Difficulties in coding that require advanced knowledge in mathematics
-Difficulties in setting comparatively large number of parameters at the time of calculation
-Instability of calculation

VINAS achieved the acceleration and stabilization of the AMG method in Super Matrix Solver-AMG by improving the AMG method, as well as applying its original Super Matrix Solver technology.

SMS-AMG Performance
SMS-AMG Summary Specifications
Items Descriptions Notes
Target Analysis Fields CFD, Electromagnetic and Structural Analyses, etc. Accommodates solid elements in structural analysis.
Target Coefficient Matrix Sparse matrices that are generated from discretization methods such as finite element, finite volume and differential methods.
Problems with Zero Diagonal Elements Unable to calculate. Diagonal dominance of diagonal elements required.
Limit for Number of Unknowns None Depends on the amount of usable memory.
Types of Unknowns Real (double) Does not accommodate complex numbers.
Symmetry of Problems Calculates both symmetric and asymmetric problems.
Problems with multiple physical quantities at each node Capable of calculating. Unable to calculate shell elements in structural analysis and edge elements in electromagnetic analysis.
Input Data Coefficient matrix, right-hand side vector, maximum number of iteration, etc.
Output Data Solution vector, achieved relative residual, actual number of iteration, etc.
Indication of Error Messages Warnings and error messages returned as return value (calculation information, system information, etc).
Method of Provision DLL format for Windows; Static library format for Linux and UNIX. Source code will not be disclosed.
Attached Materials Product manual (with explanations about data format, parameters, integration procedures, etc.), sample data, sample program for integrating SMS-AMG (C and FORTRAN).
Application Examples
More Information
- >>Comparison -SMS-AMG vs. conventional solvers

- Breakage Analysis of Concrete Structure
>> Hokkaido University
- Analysis of Flow-Induced Vibration of
Nuclear Reactor Fuel Rods
>> Saitama Institute of Technology
- Plastic Mold Flow Analysis
>> Plamedia Corporation
- Electromagnetic Analysis
>> MU Tech Co., Ltd.
- Super Matrix Solver Product Information (PDF/2.19MB)
- Super Matrix Solve Survey Sheet (WORD/225KB )
- Check before evaluating Super Matrix Solver (PDF/26KB )
- Super Matrix Solver FAQ (PDF/59KB )
- How to evaluate Super Matrix Solver (PDF/32KB )
- Data format for benchmarking Super Matrix Solver
(PDF/47KB )
Platforms (OS)
Windows,Linux; for detailed information: SMS-AMG System Environment (PDF/13KB)
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