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Super Matrix Solver receives "Software Product of the Year" Award
Osaka,JAPAN-October 15, 2003-VINAS Co., Ltd. received “Software Product of the Year 2003” award in engineering category for its “Super Matrix Solver” (“SMS”), which has been developed in a joint effort by VINAS and The National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL) of Japan to speed-up scientific calculations in fluid, electromagnetic and structural analyses. The award was presented by Software Information Center (SOFTIC), which is under supervision of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Fast and robust matrix solver library; Super Matrix Solver
“Super Matrix Solver” is a software product that can speed-up calculations in fluid, structural, electromagnetic, financial and other analyses without the need of costly investment in computer hardware. It can be incorporated into analysis solver programs to achieve ten to several hundred times faster speed in calculation. Because calculations can be speeded-up by the software, companies and research institutions can improve their research performance without heavy hardware investment and avoid problems of electric power usage, noise from computers and the need of computer rooms. SMS is developed, sold and supported by VINAS and the company is now planning to supply the software as an OEM product to CAE software package companies.

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