Super Matrix Solver the high-speed and robust matrix solver
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Robust and general-purpose iterative solver
Super Matrix Solver SMS-BLK
Special features of SMS-BLK
- Calculates both of symmetric and asymmetric problems and also calculates complex number in addition to real number.
- The robustest iterative solver, which can solve the most number of matrices we have, in Super Matrix Solver series.
- By using the stored setup result, saves setup time in case of calculating multiple right-hand-side vector b with fixed coefficient A.
SMS-BLK Summary Specifications
Items Descriptions Notes
Target Analysis Fields Structural Analyses and CFD, etc.  
Target Coefficient Matrix Sparse matrices that are generated from discretization methods such as finite element, finite volume and differential methods. Can not solve problems including an eigenvalue whose value is 0.
Problems with Zero Diagonal Elements Capable of calculating. Also calculates problems without diagonal dominant.
Types of Unknowns Double precision real/complex number  
Symmetry of Problems Calculate both symmetric and asymmetric problems.  
Input Data Coefficient matrix, right-hand side vector, maximum number of iteration, etc  
Output Data Solution vector, achieved relative residual, actual number of iteration, etc.  
Indication of Error Messages Warnings and error messages returned as return value (calculation information, system information, etc).  
Method of Provision DLL Source code will not be disclosed.
Attached Materials Product manual (with explanations about data format, parameters, integration procedures, etc.), sample data, sample program for integrating SMS-BLK (C and FORTRAN).  
More Information (OS)
- Super Matrix Solver SMS-BLK Product Info. (PDF/310KB)
Platforms (OS)

Windows; for detailed information: SMS-BLK System Environment (PDF/10KB)

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Product specifications may change without notice.