CCNV - The Cloud Computer Usage Supporting System

  • Easy Access to Linux Server
  • Allows you to easily use the Linux server just by utilizing your knowledge of Windows
    (Promoting the use of Cloud computers within the Designing Sections)
  • Multiple HPC Server Access
  • Allows you to easily shift from your in-house servers and cloud servers
    (A simple one-click process to select in-house servers, FOCUS, AWS, SoftLayer, JAMSTEC UV2000 and so on)
  • High-Speed File Transfer Function (Paid Option)
  • Allows you to transfer heavy files quickly, even in bad network environment that causes delays and packet loss due to long distance or poor-quality circuits
CCNV - The Cloud Computer Usage Supporting System

CCNV V2 Features

Allows easy usage of the Linux server - Just like touching Windows

Allows you to use the Linux HPC server such as for file transfer between PC and server and job execution, just with your knowledge of Windows

Job execution and controllability

Able to execute and control jobs that are on the HPC server using the GUI on your PC.
You can also edit the files on the server directly without having to start the console for file editing when running the calculations, or having to give any Linux commands, which will greatly improve your work efficiency.

High-Speed File Transfer Function

The high-Speed File Transfer Function "C3 Transfer Mode"(paid option) will allow you to transfer heavy files quickly, even in bad network environment that causes delays and packet loss due to long distance or poor-quality circuits. Compared to the standard SFTP, high-speed file transfer is possible up to more than a dozen times.

Cloud Server Usage fee Simulation

Instantly calculates an estimated quote for a cloud server of your choosing just by entering information such as core numbers, memory storage and disk storage. (for FOCUS Supercomputer, AWS, IBM SoftLayer)

Easily displays the convergence graph when running calculations

You can monitor the convergence graph of the calculation you are running on the HPC server from your PC, iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices.

Automated file transfer made possible by batch processing

By executing the file transfer function from the command line, you can automate the file transfer from an outside program.

CCNV V2 Function

Server selection/ Easy-to-use Windows GUI/ File transfer/ Remote editing/ Job execution/ Convergence graph monitoring/ sharing/ Test calculation for Cloud server fee/ My accounting report
※Available features will differ depending on product line-up.

Paid Option Features

 High-speed file transfer function "C3 Transfer Mode"

An option module that enables high-speed file transfer even between long-distances or low quality connection. The dynamic bandwidth control will automatically control the transmission speed based on its traffic status.

 『HELYX® on Cloud』- a SaaS which allows you to use HELYX®, the high-performance version of OpenFOAM®, by on-demand on the cloud HPC server.

An option module allowing you to easily execute HELYX® on the cloud HPC server. A designated GUI will start the cloud HPC server, execute HELYX® and transfer the data at your command.

In recent years as the use of open source codes increases, it has even become possible for commercial solver licenses to be used on HPC servers. With this being the new standard, it is becoming more common to switch between internal servers and Cloud HPC servers depending on the purpose for numerical analysis. However, to use the HPC server requires specific knowledge of Linux and that is where the difficulty lies in order to have it commonly used in the Designing departments, such as not being able to see the calculation progress or taking too much time for data transfer.

In effort to solve these issues, VINAS has developed the "CCNV", a cloud computer usage supporting system equipped with functions such as being able to easily switch between in-house servers and multiple cloud HPC servers and transfer files at high-speed. By using the CCNV, anyone can easily use a wide variety of internal/external HPC servers which will dedicate to cost-reduction for calculation, and achieving faster results.

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