Corporate History


Founded in Osaka, Japan (corporate capital:10 million yen).
Began distribution of FIELDVIEW (CFD post-processing software) for Intelligent Light (NJ, USA).

Jan.1997 Began development of Super Matrix Solver (fast and robust matrix solver library) with National Aerospace Laboratory.
Jan.1998 Began distribution of Gridgen (CFD grid generation software ) for Pointwise, Inc. (TX, USA)
Feb.1998 Basic research agreement with NAL for geometrical optimization of next generation supersonic airplane.
Nov.1999 Began distribution of FINE/Turbo (turbomachinery CFD analysis software) for NUMECA International (Brussels, Belgium).
Oct.2000 Opened Tokyo Research Center.
Feb.2001 Increased corporate capital to 84 million yen.
Jan.2002 Opened Tokyo Branch.

Increased corporate capital to 139.8 million yen.

Presented the result of subcontracted research on NAL’s Next Supersonic Transport at AIAA.
Apr.2002 Began sales of the Super Matrix Solver-AMG.
Aug.2002 Received The New Business Conference Kansai NBK Grand Award for “Commercialization of High-Speed Calculation Technology”.
Nov.2002 Began distribution of HEXPRESS (hexahedra unstructured  CFD grid generation software) for NUMECA International.
Oct.2003 Super Matrix Solver received "Software Product of the Year" Award presented by Software Information Center (SOFTIC).
Nov.2003 Established VINAS USA, INC. in CA, USA.
Aug.2004 Began distribution of TOSCA (modular system for non-parametric structural optimization) for FE-DESIGN GmbH (Karlsruhe, Germany).
Sep.2004 Increased corporate capital to 159.5 million yen.
Feb.2005 HQ moved in Dojima, Kita-ku , Osaka.
Oct.2005 Began distribution of SCULPTOR (CFD/FEA mesh morphing system) for Optimal Solution Systems. (ID, USA)
Jun.2009 Began distribution of CRUNCH CFD (multi-element Navier Stokes code) for Combustion Research and Flow Technology, Inc. (PA, USA)
Jul.2009 Began distribution of CONVERGE (CFD code for complex geometries with moving boundaries) for Convergent Science, Inc. (WI, USA)
Began distribution of TURBOdesign-1 (inviscid inverse design code applicable to turbomachinery) for Advanced Design Technology Ltd. (London, UK)
Feb.2010 Began distribution of Oofelie::MEMS / PiezoElectric (multiphysics solution to analyze MEMS / piezoelectric behavior) for Open Engineering S.A. (Liege, Belgium)
Nov.2010 Tokyo Branch moves in Kita-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku , Tokyo.