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Policy on receiving emails
  February 24, 2005
System Administration Office
VINAS Co., Ltd.

At VINAS Co., Ltd., we have established the following policy on receiving emails as measures against emails with viruses and spam.

1)Rejection of HTML Emails

With an addition of capability of email clients to display HTML, it is now possible to execute ill-inteded and harmful programs via HTML emails.

Also, HTML emails may pose security risks to personal information and web sites. HTML emails that include links to severs on the Internet may provide trackers for information such as the date of email receipt and IP address of the computer that received email.

Considering these risks and problems, we at VINAS reject all HTML emails.

Please check your email client and make sure to turn off HTML of your email client. For example, with Microsoft's OutlookExpress, the default setting sends HTML e-mails.

2)Rejection of Attachment Files in Principle

In principle, we reject all attachment files because worms are spread via email attachments. Also, there is a risk for unconsciously spreading the viruses by sending infected files.

We would, of course, be flexible in accommodating the need for receiving attachment files for providing technical support of our products, as well as other services to our customers.

3)Rejection of Spams

Over the past year, the Internet has experienced prolific growth in spam, and we are no exception. While it is technically difficult to reject spams because most of them are disguised, we at VINAS continue our efforts in rejecting through filtering by key word specification and by originating host. Because many of the spams are sent via free email accounts, emails that are sent from such free email accounts may be rejected due to filtering by originating host. In such cases, please contact us by telephone and/or fax to confirm our receipt of your email message.

We welcome your comments, as this policy will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Please contact the System Administration Office at VINAS Co., Ltd.

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