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"Efficient Structural Design Optimization" Seminar

- For further improvement of product performance -
-Application examples of European automakers and much more -

May 9 - OSAKA, May 10 - TOKYO
Organizer: VINAS Co., Ltd., Co-sponsor:IBM Japan

This seminar has successfully ended. Thank you very much.

Tokyo Seminar
- "Must-look" for engineers engaged in structural design of automobiles!
- Seemingly "mature"structural member design (weight, stiffness, fatigue, eigen-frequency) can still be improved. Take a look at numerous examples!
- Direct presentation by Mr. Boris Lauber, consultant engineer of FE-DESIGN (Germany), TOSCA's developer, will be given in the seminar.
The presentation includes latest application examples in European automakers!
- Preview of the non-parameteric structural optimization tool "TOSCA" V6.1 (coming this summer) is also presented!

TOSCA's application examples by major European automakers and automobile component makers.
Here are some of the examples that are presented in the seminar.

Shape optimization of combustion engine based on fatigue analysis and FEA

Optimization of camshaft absorber using TOSCA's topology and shape optimization functions with consideration of non-linear material behavior (by Freudenberg Research Service)

Shape optimization of wheel carrier based of simultaneous consideration of different load cases.


At VINAS, we are promoting the concept of "Further improvement of product performance and efficient design optimization" to improve the efficiency of our customer's digital engineering activities.
This seminar focuses on design optimization of structural components and presents non-parametric structure optimization system "TOSCA". We invite Mr. Boris Lauber, consultant engineer from FE-DESIGN, developer of TOSCA, to present successful and informative application examples of TOSCA in European companies including major automakers, automobile component suppliers, and other machine tool makers. The examples show how TOSCA can improve performance of products (weight, stiffness, fatigue, eigen-frequency) by making design changes that are not achieved by other conventional optimization methods.

We believe this seminar will be a good opportunity for engineers to discover new ideas about how to improve product performances and competitiveness. We hope to see you in the seminar.

[Related product presentation]
Low-cost and full-featured 3D-CAD "Alibre Design" is also presented in this seminar, with a focus on its use related to CAE/CFD.
- How to improve efficiency of design work in a multi-CAD environment involving a high-end 3D-CAD such as CATIA
- Integrated Acrobat3D format output function, Structural analysis function (Aliber Expert)
are presented.
April 2007
VINAS Co., Ltd.
Yasuhiko Fujikawa, President & CEO
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General info
Dates, Times, Venues
OSAKA May 9, 2007 (Wed) 10:30-17:00
[Venue] IBM Japan, OSAKA, 3rd floor Seminar Room 3
( 1-10-10 Utsubo-honmachi, Nish-ku, Osaka)
TOKYO May 10, 2007 (Thu) 13:30-17:00
[Venue] VINAS Tokyo Office, Meeting Room
(AIOS Gotangda Building 2F, 1-10-7 Higashi-gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)
* Please note that the date for Tokyo seminar has changed from its original plan.(Changed from May 11th to May 10th)
* Registation starts at 13:00 in all three venues.
Organizer: VINAS Co., Ltd.
Co-sponsor: IBM Japan
Registration fee: Free of charge (Participants must pre-register in advance.)
* Please note that participation of competing vendors may be declined.
Pre-registration This seminar has successfully ended.Thank you very much.
"Efficient Structural Design Optimization" Seminar - Program
13:00 - 13:30 Registration
13:30 - 13:45 Opening speech - Efficiency of structural design optimization process and cost reduction -
Yasuhiko Fujikawa, President, VINAS Co., Ltd.
13:45 - 14:00 TOSCA Product outline
- TOSCA's modules for topology, non-parametric geometry and bead stiffner optimizations are outlined, including usufull functions such as smoothing of optimized shape and data conversion to CAD applications -
Yusuke Houki, Second Sales Division, VINAS Co., Ltd.
14:00 - 14:45 TOSCA V6.1 information
- Importance of concept design in product performance -
New and existing functions of "TOSCA V6.1" (coming in summer 2007)
- Topology optimization based on frequency response analysis
- Design optimization with center of grabity and moment of intertia as target or constraint
- Support for boundary conditions of gravity and acceleration loading, etc.
FE-DESIGN GmbH (Germany, Developer of TOSCA)
Consultant engineer, Boris Lauber
14:45 - 15:00 Short break, demonstration
15:00 - 16:00 TOSCA Application Examples
Application examples by major European automakers and automobile component makers.
FE-DESIGN GmbH (Germany, Developer of TOSCA)
Consultant engineer, Boris Lauber
16:00 - 16:15 Example of use of TOSCA with a general-purpose optimization tool
FE-DESIGN GmbH (Germany, Developer of TOSCA)
Consultant engineer, Boris Lauber
16:15 - 16:30 Q & A
16:30 - 17:00 [Presentation of related product] Alibre Design
- A low-cost and high-performance 3D-CAD with integrated structural optimization module and Acrobat3D output function-
Masaru Ozaki, Second Sales Division, VINAS Co., Ltd.
About presentation interpretation
Presentations by overseas speaker are provided with consecutive interpretation in Japanese.
* Presentations marked with in above program are provided with interpretation.
* Presentations by overseas speakers are given in English and provided with consecutive interpretation in Japanese.
* Company and product names are trade marks and registered trade marks.
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