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VINAS Seminar - Improving Capability and Efficiency of CFD process

June 10, 2008 (Osaka) / June 11, 2008 (Nagoya) / June 26, 2008 (Tokyo)
Organizer: VINAS Co., Ltd.
Co-sponsor: IBM Japan, SGI Japan
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Today, companies are facing various challenges that need to be addressed promptly, such as increasing oil prices, appreciation of Yen, need for curbing greenhouse gasses, globalization and mass retirement, as well as related issues of passing on skills and know-how in a company and educating young engineers. Therefore, design departments of manufacturing companies are required to continually update their design work environment so that they can offer a solution for further improvement of their products and cut down developmental lead time as well as cost.

VINAS is committed to improving efficiency of CAE/CFD work process and quality of products, and this seminar introduces some of the latest technologies that can improve efficiency when handling CAD data and using pre/post-process and reduce costly operations. You will also be presented with our latest products and new services that can guide you to reach an optimal design of your products.

Specific topics covered in the seminar relating to the latest versions of our software product line include: pre/post processors that can handle very large analysis data and multi-physics solvers such as OpenFOAM; a morphing program that can flexibly control grid points in a way that is highly compatible with CAD programs; automation of design process; technological products that help designing turbo machinery. In addition to these software tools featuring many new and improved capabilities, we will introduce our new engineering support services.

We hope to see you in the seminar.

May 2008
VINAS Co., Ltd.
Yasuhiko Fujikawa, President & CEO

* Highlights of product version up:
fieldview image
* FieldView 12.1 - Intelligent Post-processor for CFD
- Image background and anti-aliasing in high quality image output
- Reduced read-in time for unstructured data (FieldView Parallel)
- Streamlines for transient data
(The left image is)
Background image processed by texture mapping superimposed by post-processed analysis result - FieldView image Courtesy of Intelligent Light.
Space Shuttle simulation courtesy of NASA Johnson Space Center.

* Pointwise New product!! High quality mesh generator for fluid and structural analyses
- Easy operation based on Microsoft style GUI! Reducing the number of mouse clicks to half!
- Speedy and flexible control of large scale mesh generation
- Excellent control over grid nodes for further improvement of mesh quality
(The left image is)
Example of simple and intuitive operation interface of Pointwise
* SCULPTOR V2.0 - Mesh morphing and fluid design optimization system
- T-spline (helps efficient definition of morphing operation)
- Cylindrical coordinate system (allows easy optimization of turbomachinery blade shape)
- CAD export function (IGES, STEP, Parasolid, NX, etc.) *
* Scheduled to be released in winter 2008 as optional features
(The left image is)
Example of improving aerodynamic performance of car body with considerations on curve maneuvering

Seminar general info
Dates, Times, Venues
OSAKA June 10 (Tue), 2008, 10:00 - 17:00 (Registration starts from 9:30)
[Venue] VINAS Head Office, Seminar Room (ORIX Dojima Building 5th floor)
NAGOYA June 11 (Wed), 2008, 10:00 - 17:05 (Registration starts from 9:30)
[Venue] IBM Japan, Nagoya, 4th floor Seminar Room (linked page: only available in Japanse)
TOKYO June 26 (Thu), 2008, 10:00 - 17:00 (Registration starts from 9:30)
[Venue] SGI Hall (YEBISU GARDEN PLACE TOWER B1 floor) (linked page: only available in Japanse)
* Registration starts at 9:30 in all three venues.
* Organizer: VINAS Co., Ltd.
* Co-sponsor: IBM Japan, SGI Japan
* Registration fee: Free of charge (Pre-registration required.)
* Please note that participation of competing vendors may be declined.
* Pre-registration Click here for online pre-registration.
* Note that seats are limited. Early registration is recommended.
* Program * See more details here.
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